Peter F. Straub, Ph.D.
(University of Delaware, 1990)

Research Scientist, Coastal Conservation Research Program
Associate Professor of Biology, Richard Stockton College

Phone: 609-652-4556; Fax: 609-748-5515

Selected Presentations and Publications

Straub, P. F., W. C. Phoel, M. L. Higham, and B. J. Landau. 2004. Quantitative (q)-PCR to assess environmental effects of gene expression in winter flounder. Atlantic Estuarine Research Society, March 25-27, 2004, Salisbury, MD.

Straub, P. F., M. Higham, A. Tanguy, B. J. Landau, W. Phoel, L. S. Hales and T. Thwing. 2003. Suppression subtraction hybridization cDNA libraries to identify differentially expressed genes from contrasting fish habitats. Marine Biotechnology (in press).

Higham, M., R. Kuhllar, and P.F. Straub. 2003. PCR studies on environmental gene expression in winter flounder. Atlantic Estuarine Research Society Meeting Abstracts, Atlantic Beach, NC, March 2003.

Straub, P. F., G. Shearer, P. H. S. Reynolds, S. A. Saywer, and D. H. Kohl. 1997. Effects of disabling bacteroid proline catabolism on the response of soybeans to repeated drought stress. Journal of Experimental Botany. 48: 1299-1307.

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