The eyos editor allows you to manage content in an word processor like environment. No HTML or web coding is required to update or create content for your website. This area of the tutorial will go over the basic features of the editor. A screencast movie of the editor is also available at the end of this page.

Hover over an icon to reveal its function: (descriptions will appear below the toolbar)

The content area is where all of your page content will be modified or created. Highlighting and applying text attributes such as bold or italic, is the same as it would be in any other word processing application. Simply highlight your text and click a toolbar icon.

Important Tip: Hold in the SHIFT key and then press the ENTER key to create a single line break. Pressing only the ENTER key will create a double line break.

- The Submit and Preview appear below the content area.

Preview screen

It is always recommended that you use the preview function to preview your changes before submitting permanently to the system. Previewing your content will allow you to see the content as it will appear to the visitors of your website. A page preview will always have a red bar at the top of the screen indicating that it is only a preview.

Once a page has been submitted there is no way to undo changes except to manually correct them and re-submit the page. Only submit a page after you have viewed the preview.

Editing a page
Creating Web Links



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