The eyos system contains a file management section which is available from the Site Manager by clicking on the View/Upload link. This is the only area within the eyos system which will let you browse the files that have been uploaded to your website with the option to both view the files and delete them from the system. This is also the only area in which you can replace a file on the server with the same file name.


Most websites will contain two main folders, a docs and images folder. Office documents should be placed within the docs folder, and images within the images folder. For more information about images please view the FAQ.

- This area will allow you to create new folders within your website. Folders allow you to better organize your web content.
- You can also upload files from within the file manager using this area. Clicking on browse will prompt you for a file on your computer. When finished click the UPLOAD button to complete the transfer.
- This option is mainly used to permit the overwrite of a file. Choose the option "Overwrite Current File" if you need to upload a file with the same name as one that already exists on your system.
- Clicking the X icon will prompt you to delete the file.
- Clicking on the name of the file will open the document in your browser window.
- Right click on the target icon and choose "Copy Shortcut". This will allow you to paste the path of the file in an email message so others can download the file.

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