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Michael R. Hayse
Ph.D. (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) -
Associate Professor of History
20th century German history, Russian and East European history, and Holocaust/genocide studies.

William C. Lubenow
Ph.D. (University of Iowa) -
Professor of History
Modern European history, modern British history, modern cultural history, methodology and philosophy of history.

Michelle McDonald
Ph.D. (University of Michigan) -
Assistant Professor of Atlantic History
Early American history, Atlantic history, comparative Caribbean history, business and economic history, and public history.

Robert Nichols
Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania) -
Associate Professor of History
Indian Ocean history, South Asian history, social movements, historiography.

Tom Papademetriou
Ph.D. (Princeton University) -
Assistant Professor of History and Associate Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies
Southeastern Europe, Middle Eastern history, modern Hellenism.
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Lisa Rosner
Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University) -
Professor of History
Early modern Europe
, history of science and medicine, oral history.

Laura M. Zucconi
Ph.D. (The University of California, San Diego) -
Assistant Professor of History
Ancient Mediterranean history, ancient Near Eastern history, history of religion, history of medicine, archaeology. .

Affiliated Faculty:

Joanne D. Birdwhistell
Ph.D. (Stanford University) - Professor Emerita
Chinese philosophy, Japanese and Indian thought, comparative philosophy, East Asian culture and history.

Demetrios Constantelos
Ph.D. (Rutgers University), D.D. (Holy Cross/Hellenic College) - Charles Cooper Townsend Sr. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History and Religious Studies, Distinguished Scholar in Residence
The Byzantine or medieval Greek world, ancient Greece, Rome and the Roman Empire, early Christianity, New Testament studies, history of philanthropy.

Robert Gregg
Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania) - Dean of Arts and Humanities, Professor of History
American history 1865-present, African American history, comparative history.

Paul Lyons
Ph.D. (Bryn Mawr College) - Professor of Social Work
Social welfare history and policy, community work, ethnic and minority relations, cultural history, and social movements.

Fred Mench
Ph.D.(Yale University) - Professor of Classics and AFGLC Endowed Professor of Greek Culture and Executive Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies
Greek and Roman languages, literature and civilizations, especially the classical heritage, classic epic, Greek tragedy, Latin lyric, literatures of the Bible, historical novels.

Joanna Michlic
Ph.D. (University College of London and London School of Economics) - Assistant Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Visiting Faculty:

Theresa Napson-Williams
B.A. (The American University) - Visiting Instructor of Atlantic/American History


Jack Devine
Ph.D. (John Hopkins University), - Professor, American History, Latin American History


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