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Careers with a History Major

Students pursuing degrees in historical studies may prepare themselves for careers in teaching, law, journalism, library science, computers, government, civil service, administration, and the ministry.  A history degree can also lead to opportunities in art institutes, galleries, museums, local and state historical associations and to archival work with libraries, private organizations, and government agencies.  Majors who wish to pursue graduate study in history should inform their program preceptor of their plans as early as possible and should be aware that a reading proficiency of at least one foreign language is required by most graduate schools.  Preparation in basic computer methods is necessary for study on the graduate level in social, economic, or modern political history.

History majors might be surprised to know just how many career options are open to them.  The research, critical reasoning, and writing skills developed through the study of history prepare students for more than just the educational field.  The American Historical Association, the premier association of historians of all fields in the United States, has prepared a 64-page pamphlet about Careers for Students of History.  A summary of that text is available on their website.  You may purchase the entire pamphlet from the AHA ($9 for non-members), or borrow a copy from the Historical Studies Program Coordinator.





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