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The Reflection Sessions




Reflection Sessions are to serve as a bridge between the service project and the course material. Without this important connection, the learning goals of service-learning are not successfully accomplished. The service completed in the community and the materials learned in the classroom play equally important roles to a student's development.

For Reflection Session tips and information about journals, go here.

FALL 2014  Reflection Session Schedule

Please click a link to pre-register for a Reflection Session to reserve limited seats.  Facilitators also reserve the right to refuse students in a Reflection Session if they arrive late.



Monday 10/13/14 @ 2:10pm in CC MR 1

Monday 12/1/14 @ 2:10pm in CC MR 1

Tuesday 10/14/14 @ 4:30pm in F 215

Tuesday 12/2/14 @ 4:30pm in CC MR 4

 Wednesday 10/15/14 @ 12:45pm in F 120

Wednesday 12/3/14 @ 12:45pm in F 120

Thursday 10/16/14 @ 4:30pm in CC MR 4

Thursday 12/14/14 @ 4:30pm in CC MR 4
Friday 10/17/14 @ 11:20am in F 120

Friday 12/5/14 @ 11:20am in F 120


Note: Students who do not have reflection sessions hosted in their classes, and cannot make the above dates should contact the Office of Service-Learning to schedule individual Reflection Sessions.  These sessions will be by appointment only.  Please check your syllabus for the "Reflection" portion of your couse.

Questions about service-learning?

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