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The Reflection Sessions




Reflection Sessions are to serve as a bridge between the service project and the course material. Without this important connection, the learning goals of service-learning are not successfully accomplished. The service completed in the community and the materials learned in the classroom play equally important roles to a student's development.

  • Service-Learning student must have a REFLECTION component to their course.  Some professors will have written journals, some will host in-class reflections and some will required outside-the-classroom reflections (see schedule below)
  • If you attend an "outside-the-classroom" reflection, please do not attend consecutive sessions.  Students should try to attend one in the beginning, the middle, and one at the end of the project.  
  • If students are to attend more than ONE (1) Reflection Session a semester, the first session MUST BE COMPLETED BY OCTOBER (for Fall Semester) or MARCH (for Spring Semester). 
  • Students are to sign up for reflection sessions prior to arrival to ensure their place in the session.  Dates and times for Reflection Sessions are available below. 

For Reflection Session tips and information about journals, go here.







Note: Students who do not have reflection sessions hosted in their classes, and cannot make the above dates should contact the Office of Service-Learning to schedule individual Reflection Sessions.  These sessions will be by appointment only.  Please check your syllabus for the "Reflection" portion of your couse.

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