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The Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity oversees Stockton’s progress toward equity, diversity and inclusion through its leadership and collaboration with members of the campus community. The office oversees this progress through Stockton’s nondiscrimination policies, which are based within federal and state non-discrimination laws. The office handles concerns and complaints, particularly those related to harassment and other forms of prohibited discrimination. The office coordinates Stockton’s compliance with Title IX, ADA, and Section 504 compliance. The Chief Officer for Institutional Diversity and Equity is Stockton’s Title IX Coordinator and ADA/504 Coordinator. 

The office has a leadership role in advancing and supporting institutional diversity and inclusion efforts across Stockton. The office participates on the Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Affirmative Action that serves as an advisory body to the president to assist the Stockton in transforming from a campus that believes in diversity to one that lives its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The office supports the National Coalition Building Institute at Stockton and, as opportunities arise, the office supports collaborative diversity and inclusion efforts with individuals, offices, and groups across Stockton’s community. 


The office also is responsible for assuring Stockton’s compliance with New Jersey State Ethics Commission rules. 


Any inquiries about Stockton’s non-discrimination policies and procedures, affirmative action,Title VI,  Title VII, Title IX, ADA, Section 504, Code of Ethics, or about diversity and inclusion at Stockton should be made to:


Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity

 Stockton University

101 Vera King Farris Drive

Galloway, NJ  08205-9441

Phone 609.652.4693 | Fax 609.626.3535




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