The Examined Life: Hellenic Studies in the Schools

The Examined Life: 
Hellenic Studies in the Schools

Sponsored by:

The Interdisciplinary Center for the Hellenic Studies at

The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey


Program Description

The Examined Life is an educational program that aims to bring the Socratic call to Know Thyself (gnothi s’auton) to the nation’s schools.


Its goal is to capture the life and ideals of ancient Greece and integrate them into the curricular goals of classroom teaching.

Seminar and Travel

Blending classroom seminars and travel, you will read, think, inquire and discuss the ancient ideas, as well as walk, imagine, eat, and breathe among the ancient Greeks in the modern day setting of Greece.

Become a Hellenic Studies Fellow

Any K-12 educator from southern New Jersey is eligible to apply to The Examined Life: Hellenic Studies in the Schools. For each group of twenty (20) Fellows, we will seek the widest diversity in gender, nationality and ethnicity, grade level, and subject taught. Each Fellow must attend the required Study Tour of Greece.


To offset study tour costs, the program will award ten $1,000 Gus and Fotini Andy Fellowships and ten $1,000 AFGLC Fellowships.

Study Tour of Greece

A 10-day Study Tour of Greece through the rugged landscape, clear blue Aegean waters, precipitous mountains, amazing light, and the architecturally perfect Parthenon in Athens. Visit Corinth, Nauplion, Mycenae, Epidauros, Olympia, Delphi; a breathtaking pilgrimage to “where it all began.” Greece forms the perfect backdrop to discuss texts and hear talks and allow the Fellows to place their inquiries not only into their intellectual context, but also within the physical context of Greece.

Hellenic Studies in the Schools: Curricular Projects

Hellenic Study Fellows are asked to identify a curricular area of concentration to develop during the program, for instance, Greek mythology, drama, architecture, science, mathematics, history, philosophy, poetry, or sculpture. Past projects included:


·         Ancient Greece and Modern Spanish

·         Student Directed Exploration of Greece: Present and Past in the Intermediate Grades

·         Greek Tragedy and Coming to Terms with Fate in World Literature

·         Ancient Greek Theater in the Modern High School

·         Visual Journal Keeping in High School

·         Threading Greek Culture Throughout the Sixth Grade Curriculum

·         Cycladic and Modern Art in High School

·         Making Ancient Greek History Live Again (7th Grade)

Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies (ICHS)

Launched in 2002, the ICHS at Stockton aims to strengthen Hellenic Studies at Stockton College and in South Jersey. Financial support for this program is provided by the American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture (AFGLC) and the Friends of Hellenic Studies. 

Private tax-deductible donations are also accepted.