The Examined Life: Hellenic Studies in the Schools

Who is eligible to become an Examined Life Fellow?
Any K-12 educator from southern New Jersey is eligible to apply to The Examined Life: Hellenic Studies in the Schools. For each group of twenty (20) fellows, we will seek the widest diversity in gender, nationality and ethnicity, grade level, and subjects taught. Each Fellow must attend the required Study Tour of Greece.

What is the cost for the program?
The cost of the study tour varies with the timing and other costs, but normally it should run around $2500-2800. The seminar sessions held at Stockton are free of charge for Hellenic Studies fellows. To offset study tour costs, The Examined Life program will award ten $1,000 Gus and Fotini Andy Fellowships and ten $1,000 AFGLC (American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture) Fellowships.

When and where are the seminars held?
Most seminar sessions are held on Wednesday nights at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in Pomona, NJ. There will be a seminar session at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archeology in Philadelphia. There are also two seminar sessions that will be held on Saturday at Stockton College.

When will the study tour be?
The 2013 Study Tour will be departing on Thursday, March 28th – Sunday evening, April 7th, 2013.

Can I receive professional development credits or graduate credit for this program?
60 Professional Development Hours are awarded for completion of the program. Graduate credit will sometimes be available, if the program is linked to an Education Graduate class. We will look into other possibilities for graduate credit as well.

How do I apply for the program?
To download an application, click here. Or you can e-mail Brian Lyons at brian@lyons@stockton.edu  or call 609-652-4505.

Are there any stipends available for this program?
We hope each year to give stipends of $1000-1500, depending on the trip costs. Several Alumni of the program have also received grants from their local school organizations or other professional organizations to help pay for the costs of the program.

Can more than one person from the same district apply?
Although we will seek to have applicants from as many different school districts as possible, we may accept applicants from the same school district.

Will I be allowed to miss school time to attend the study tour?
The dates of the study tour have been selected to minimize the amount of school time that fellows will miss; however you may have to miss school time to participate in the program. Please seek approval from your school administrators prior to agreeing to be part of the program. Most alumni of the Examined Life program were given professional days from their administrators to participate in this program, but this will depend on the administration in your district.

Are there any assignments or projects required as part of the program?
Yes, all Hellenic Study Fellows are asked to identify a curricular area of concentration to develop during the program. Possible areas of concentration include Greek mythology, history, philosophy, poetry, and sculpture. Click here for past curricular projects.

I do not have any international experience and I can't speak Greek. Should I apply?
Yes. While previous international experience is valuable preparation for this program, the Examined Life program strongly encourages teachers with little or no overseas experience to apply. You do not need to speak or understand Greek to be a part of this program.

I do not have a passport or my passport has expired. Should I still apply for the Examined Life program?
Yes. However, there will be limited time to apply for a passport upon acceptance as an Examined Life fellow. Although the average wait for a passport is currently 10 weeks, delivery can be expedited for an additional fee. Each applicant may decide whether to apply for a passport at the time of his/her application or to wait until learning of his/her acceptance to the Examined Life. For more information about obtaining a passport for the first time please click here: http://travel.state.gov/passport/get/first/first_832.html

Are there any special health requirements for participation in the Examined Life?
No. However, applicants should be aware that the Study Tour involves a rigorous schedule. Before applying, you should consider the physical demands of the Study Tour, which may include extensive walking and stair-climbing, etc. (Especially if you choose to join Dr. Roessel on one of his side trips in Athens)