The Examined Life: Hellenic Studies in the Schools

Ancient Greece Web Resources for Teachers

American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture Supporters of The Examined Life program

Mr. Dowling's Ancient Greek Page Good introduction to some of the people of Greece

Myths, Gods and Goddesses from Ancient Greece From History for Kids

Ancient Greece Overview of all aspects of life in Greece

Introduction to Ancient Greece Click here for great pictures of sites and places that Ancient Greeks would have seen

Myth web Click here for stories and background information about Greek myths and Gods and Goddesses

Ancient Greek History Great info and articles about Ancient Greece

Gods and Goddesses Learn about the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses

Ancient City of Athens Great Pictures of Ancient Athens

Famous Greeks Choose a person to interview from this online worksheet

Perseus Project The Best Web site for the Ancient Olympics

The Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games From the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology

Ancient Greek Games Information about Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Comic Book on the Olympics From the BBC

Olympia Everything you need to know about Olympia, the site of the Ancient Olympic Games from the BBC

Olympic Gallery Great pictures of the Ancient Olympics

Ancient Greek Olympics Article on all aspects of the Ancient Games

Social Studies for Kids Ancient Greek Olympics

Ancient Greek History Great info and articles about Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Architecture Info about houses, cities, temples, etc.

Mr. Donn's history site Look for the section on Greek Houses in Meet the Greeks

Ancient City of Athens Awesome Pictures from Athens

Greek Architecture Pictures Great pictures of Architecture of Ancient Greece

Greek Architecture Explains the three types of columns used in Ancient Greece

Rich Person's House in Greece Good diagram of a house in Ancient Greece

Tour a Greek House Great Diagram of a Greek House

Greek House From UPenn Museum