25 Year Report 2011 NJBPN

Coastal Research Center

2011 New Jersey Beach Profile Network Annual Report:
Covering 25 Years of New Jersey Coastal Research

2011 Annual Reports,

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It has been a quarter century since the Division of Coastal Resources within the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) requested an initial quantitative survey of the entire State ocean coastline be undertaken. This project remains one of just a few where coastal states conduct repetitive surveys of their beach/dune systems to determine the annual magnitude and rate of change in the sand volume or shoreline position for the entire State’s ocean coast.

In addition to the annual 2010 to 2011 review, this report provides a 25-year shoreline change analysis of each of the 105 monitoring sites and a discussion of the overall trend for each county. Four figures are provided for each site: a full-page photograph of the 2011 shore condition, 2010-2011 cross sections for the dunes, beach and offshore, 25-year cross section comparison between 1986 and 2011 with comparison photographs, and a 25-year trend in shoreline location and sand volume changes.