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The Computer Science and Information Systems program offers a B.S. degree and a B.A. degree.  For the B.S. degree, students can choose between two related but distinct concentrations in either Computer Science or Information Systems.  The B.S. degree provides in-depth study and experience with essential computing concepts.  The B.A. degree offers a broad foundation in computing, with more flexibility to pursue individual needs and interests.  Our curriculum also offers a rich set of courses that provides a foundation for professional employment and advanced study in Information Assurance and Security.


The Difference Between Information Systems and Computer Science Concentrations


The software and systems designed and created by Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS) professionals are an integral part of our society and enable the technology we use every day. They design, develop, implement and manage the applications that power smart phones, allow us to connect on Facebook and Twitter, entertain us with games, make online shopping safe and secure, keep the Internet running smoothly, make cars and planes more efficient and safer, etc.


At Stockton, all CSIS majors learn the fundamentals of programming and problem solving, mathematics, systems analysis and design, and networks. In addition, students choose to concentrate in either Computer Science (CS) or Information Systems (IS).


CS professionals design and develop novel software solutions to computing problems in a broad range of disciplines, such as the sciences, engineering, medicine, and entertainment. Those who concentrate in CS focus on topics from theory to programming applications.  CS students take computing courses, additional mathematics courses and, depending upon their interests, science courses.


IS professionals bridge the gap between computer scientists and the people who use technology in a variety of settings. Those who concentrate in IS focus on the development and alignment of technical and organizational goals to design, implement and manage technological solutions. IS students take computing and other courses which provide a strong understanding of potential work environments.





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