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Jess Bonnan-White
Ph.D. (University of Iowa) - Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Conflict resolution, economic empowerment, cultural preservation.
Office: H227, Phone: 609-652-4453, Email: jess.bonnan-white@stockton.edu

Deeanna Button
Ph.D. (University of Delaware) - Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Violence and victimization, social inequality.
Office: H240, Phone: 609-652-4452, Email: deeanna.button@stockton.edu

Joshua D. Duntley
Ph.D. (University of Texas) - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Forensic psychology, evolutionary psychology, homicide and stalking, victim defenses, quantitative methods.
Office: G251, Phone: 609-626-3570, Email: joshua.duntley@stockton.edu

Susan Fahey
Ph.D. (University of Maryland) - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Criminological theory and the relationship between terrorism and political instability.
Office: G239, Phone: 609-652-4993, Email: susan.fahey@stockton.edu

Arleen Caballero Gonzalez
J.D.(Rutgers University School of Law, Camden) - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Criminal procedure, criminal law, legal research, fourteenth amendment, Puerto Rican studies.
Office: G240, Phone: 609-652-4632, Email: arleen.gonzalez@stockton.edu

Janice O. Joseph
Ph.D. (York University, Canada) - Distinguished Professor of Criminal Justice
Juvenile justice, criminology and deviance, minorities and crime, corrections.
Office: H248, Phone: 609-652-4312, Email: janice.joseph@stockton.edu

Marissa P. Levy - Program Coordinator
Ph.D. (Rutgers, The State University) - Professor of Criminal Justice
Environmental criminology with emphasis on spatial analysis of crime (crime mapping and crime prevention), evaluations and statistics.
Office: G255, Phone: 609-626-6825, Email: marissa.levy@stockton.edu

Manish Madan
Ph.D. (Michigan State University) - Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Comparative research, policy, and victimization and gender.
Office: H203, Phone: 609-626-3530, Email: manish.madan@stockton.edu

Richard Mulvihill
M.S. (Nova Southeastern University) - Instructor of Criminal Justice
Police and public safety administration, corrections, and criminal justice technology.
Office: E216b, Phone: 609-626-3557, Email: richard.mulvihill@stockton.edu

Larry E. Nutt
Ph.D. (University of Chicago) - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Police behavior, deterrence, criminology, social theory.
Office: K116, Phone: 609-652-4616, Email: larry.nutt@stockton.edu

Rupendra Simlot
Ph.D. (University of Rajasthan) - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Forensic science, crime scene investigation, cyber-crime investigation, criminal justice administration, security management, police behavior, police management, international culture.
Office: G246, Phone: 609-626-6034, Email: simlot@stockton.edu

Yingyi Situ-Liu
Ph.D. (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Environmental crime, comparative criminal justice, quantitative and qualitative research methods, criminology, crime control.
Office: G260, Phone: 609-652-4314, Email: amyyingyi.situ-liu@stockton.edu

Christine Tartaro
Ph.D. (Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice) - Professor of Criminal Justice
Corrections, research methods and statistics, violence in correctional facilities, suicide in correctional facilities, program evaluation , sentencing.
Office: G252, Phone: 609-626-6035, Email: christine.tartaro@stockton.edu


John H. White
Ph.D. (North Texas State University) - Professor of Psychology
Sex crimes, violent crimes, police psychology, forensic psychology, criminal profiling.
Office: F123, Phone: 609-652-4614, Email: john.white@stockton.edu