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Baccalaureate Social Work Program
The undergraduate social work profession promotes social change and empowers people to enhance their well-being. Social work is based on a set of values and ethical principles, such as respect for human dignity, that are articulated in its Code of Ethics. Since its beginnings more than one hundred years ago, social work has developed a body of knowledge and skills that focuses on meeting human needs, especially the needs of vulnerable and oppressed populations. Social workers intervene with systems of all sizes—individuals, families, groups and communities. Principles of social justice, human rights and cultural competence are fundamental to social work.

The Social Work program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Graduates are prepared for entry-level, professional social work practice positions as generalist practitioners. Click here to view the Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes.

The Social Work Program is open to Stockton students in good standing who have successfully completed the introductory sequence of social work courses and who have discussed their intent to major in social work with a social work program preceptor. Students are encouraged to consult social work faculty members as a means of determining their interests in social work and assessing what the program and the profession may offer to those who participate. The earlier this is done the better.

Transfer students must contact a faculty member immediately upon arrival at the college and before registration, so that previous academic work can be evaluated and an individualized course of study can be established.

Community college transfer students who do not come from a human services/social work program may have to complete more than 64 credits at Stockton to satisfy the requirements for the degree in social work. This may require an additional one or two terms of academic work.


For more information on the Social Work Program, please contact:
Admissions Office
Stockton University
101 Vera King Farris Drive
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