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Stockton’s Master of Social Work (MSW) Program is designed to educate social workers who are prepared for advanced-level practice with diverse individuals, families, and communities. Two programs are offered: Two-Year Program and Advanced Standing. The Two-Year Program is open to persons who have baccalaureate degrees from an accredited college or university with adequate preparation in the liberal arts (minimum of 24 credits). For additional information on admissions, click here: Graduate Studies website. Advanced Standing is open to individuals who have earned baccalaureate degrees in social work from a social work program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Both programs aim to produce graduates who understand the human condition and the commonalities that all people everywhere share, while respecting and honoring difference. The MSW Program Mission, Goals, Competencies, and Practice Behaviors are available through this link.

In the Two-Year Program, courses build a strong foundation of generalist social work practice values, knowledge, and skills. Students are expected to understand and be able to apply an ecosystems perspective, the strengths perspective, and empowerment practice theory. They develop a thorough acquaintance with the negative effects of oppression, discrimination, marginalization, and other social forces that block people’s ability to meet their basic human needs. They develop familiarity with multiple theories, perspectives, and approaches that strengthen their ability to work effectively with diverse populations. They are expected critically to examine and apply these theories, perspectives, and approaches as they become acquainted with research literature and as they develop experience in agency practice. Continuing the central focus of Stockton's undergraduate program, the MSW Program aims to produce graduates who have a lifetime commitment to upholding human rights, respecting human diversity, and working towards social justice in their professional and personal lives. In the Advanced Standing Program, students complete the second year of the Two-Year Program.

For specific questions regarding the MSW Program, contact Diane Falk, MSW Program Director, at

For additional information about Graduate Admissions and the MSW application process, click here or call (609) 626-3640.