New Jersey's Green University


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Environmental Studies Program Seminars: Mondays, 3:35 pm in USC 260. 




New Jersey's Green University is celebrated for its award-winning building projects, as well as its unique, interdisciplinary academic offerings.

GREEN CAREERS - Stockton graduates do meaningful work in a wide variety of settings.

Keeping its promise to be a steward of the environment, Stockton’s first commitment in construction is to use environmentally appropriate systems and materials to enhance the campus and remain true to its unique unspoiled environs. Stockton has continued to lead in the development of buildings that use alternative energy systems and sustainable designs. The University's 2010 Facilities Master Plan demonstrates Stockton’s commitment to develop the campus in a way that reflects the University's special culture and programs.


Stockton received the prestigious 2008 Green Project of Distinction Award from Education Design Showcase for its Housing V residence hall project. The design incorporated geothermal heating and cooling using closed-loop technology and provisions to accommodate a future solar hot water system. This newest residence complex exemplifies how Stockton strives to refresh it's vision for the campus and capitalize on it's identity as New Jersey’s Green University in the Pinelands National Reserve.