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Electrical Load Reduction at Stockton

"Curtailment Events" & Tests

Frequently Asked Questions:  

What is a Curtailment Event? It is an alert declared by our electrical supplier when southern New Jersey is at risk of an electrical blackout. Stockton has agreed (and planned in advance) to cut back power in order to help stabilize the grid electrical supply.

What does Stockton do? The University may turn off equipment, change thermostat settings, precool parts of buildings and reduce non-essential lighting.

Shouldn't we be saving energy all the time? Yes! But electrical load always shows peaks and valleys. The curtailment program is designed to lower the peaks and increase grid reliability when it matters most.

What is the time frame? A Curtailment Event may last last up to 6 hours.

Could this happen every day? No. Stockton has agreed to implement up to TEN curtailments per year, but might decide to do more if asked.

When does this happen? Stockton responds to Curtailment Events from June through September. Electrical supply problems are most likely to happen on very hot, humid days when the number of summer visitors to the area is high.

When has Stockton been asked to curtail? Since we joined this program in 2011, we've been asked to curtail once, in September of 2013.

What if we get through the summer without a Curtailment Event? Then we are required to participate in a one hour test. Our annual tests have been satisfactory.

Is Stockton required to do this? No, Stockton participates in this program as an act of good citizenship, and is paid for making the necessary preparations.

Who can give me more information? Contact Alice Gitchell, Office of Facilities Planning and Construction, x 4989.


New Jersey's Green University is made increasingly dynamic through student initiatives, student/faculty projects and "green" building projects described in this article from StocktonNow, the University's on-line magazine.


Student Organizations

  • S.A.V.E. (Stockton Action Volunteers for the Environment) is the oldest New Jersey student run environmental organization. It was organized in 1974 and promotes change in the environment for the benefit of Stockton and the wider community through education about environmental issues, utilization of the knowledge gained to educate others and environmental action. Look for SAVE on Facebook!
  • The Stockton Water Watch/Energy Corps works to educate the campus and community about the impacts of development on water quality. The students have initiated classroom and community education programs by going into local elementary schools to teach children about water quality and holding an annual environmental education forum. Water Watch at Stockton has participated in a number of beach, river, and lake cleanups and has been engaged in a vernal pond monitoring program. Water Watch also collaborates with ACUA on a community-based Environmental Education forum each each year. Look for this organization on Facebook!


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