Office of Veteran Affairs

On June 13, 2012, Richard Stockton College held its first Veteran Orientation - now entitled the VETransition Program. The program was facilitated by many members of the Veteran Support Team; including Tom O'Donnell, Emma Kluesner, Jibey Astphappen, Steve Phillips, Bob Ross, Kristin Morrell, Donna Garrity, Pat Donahue and Patrick Shields.

The orientation was further facilitated by our Administration, including Claudine Keenan and Pedro Santana.

Additionally, our veteran students from the Student Veteran Organization (SVO) were on-hand to provide support to the new veteran students.

Ralph Werner, Christopher Connors Jr., Martha McGinnis and Jason Babin from our faculty and staff also provided services. Wendy Lang and Lauren DelRicci of Operation College Promise highlighted the benefits of the program.