Show Descriptions

WLFR 91.7 - Lake Fred Radio
If I Could Only Remember DJ: Fred Riess 6pm-8pm
The songs played are not just a collection of songs that equal two hours. The playlists are based off of themes (colors, cities, food), we play hit songs recorded in different languages, we celebrate current events (the start of a season, elections), play artists music around their birthdays, and the anniversaries of their death. The show features songs by everyone from Shirley Temple to Frank Zappa, and explore genres from Blues to Folk to Rock-and-Roll and anything and everything in between.
The Mother Lode DJ: Geoff Barnes 3pm-6 pm
LFR has always stood for "Lake Fred Radio," but maybe it also stands for "Learn For Real". The music of the Mother Lode has been harvested from a lifetime of learning from others. It still happens today , being able to absorb all this station has to offer, yet trying to maintain a unique niche on the air. It is truly a privilege to be able to bring you this show and I thank the listeners for supporting WLFR.
stacks-o-wax DJ: Johnny " fones" 6pm-8 pm
Rock, Rhythm-n-Soul.
M4 Small Biz Radio DJ: Joe Molineaux 4pm-6pm
M4 Small Biz Radio: Where Management, Marketing, Money & Music mix! Tune in to M4 to turn up your musically infused small business growth & development.
Eclectic Journey DJ: Mark Grossman 3pm-6pm
A trip into places and spaces that you wouldn't ordinarily hear.
Chicken Bone Beach Hour  DJ: Paul Glaser 7pm-8pm
Review and preview of Chicken Bone Beach jazz concert series held every Summer in Atlantic City.
Strange Ways Radio DJ: Matt Unversaw 3pm-6pm
New music including the Jersey and Philly Rock Blocks.
Black Plastic DJ: Paul Glaser, LFA 1pm-4pm

A 3 hour Tour de Force. Radio program as performance piece, from intro to intermission to epilouge.

RaT sAlAd RaDiO DJ: DJ Dom 4pm-7pm
A complete rock n' roll overview: from early country & folk to in-yer-face alcohol fueled rawk & roll, with all the stuff in between like rock-a-billy, psychedelic & garage rock, shoegazer stuff (etc...) all laced with surf rock.
" foot tappin', ear bleedin', wrist cuttin', beer drinkin', finger snappin', speed racin' music you can bop till you drop to...
FIESTA FRIDAYS DJ: Jesus "Kamandy" Pinero 7pm-10pm
Variety Latin Radio Magazine Show which includes all tropical, oldies, folk, and dance music, weekly horoscope, world news, curiosities, performers biographies, comments and more.
The House Of Classics DJ: Leon Bryant 9am-12pm
The House of Classics is a three hour show that covers a wide range of music from the 50's through the 90's. The first two hours I play R&B, Blues, Pop, Jazz, Latin and Disco. This show also takes requests.
Sounds of the Screen DJ: Adam Avanti 1pm-3pm
Music from films, television, broadway and much, much more.
ROCKSHOW DJ: Bill 3pm-6pm
"In order to obtain maximum sensory enjoyment from the auditory representations contained herein, it is necessary to minimize load resistance through the potentiometer in one's preamplification section. In other words... PLAY IT LOUD, MUTHA!!!!"