Stockton's Hazardous Waste Policies

Risk Management & Environment/Health/Safety

Stockton's Hazardous Waste Policies

At the University, every Budget Unit Manager is responsible for the safe management of the hazardous waste generated in their unit.

It is the responsibility of all employees working with hazardous chemicals to be familiar with lawful storage, labeling and disposal procedures.

The authorized commercial contractor is selected by competitive bid. Presently Clean Harbors is the authorized contractor. Regular pick up is scheduled twice a year usually  in January and July.

A memorandum from the Office of Administration and Finance is sent to all Budget Unit Managers in the University  announcing the pick up date and requesting the inventory of hazardous waste in their areas.

The Budget Unit Managers send back, prior to an established deadline, a completed Waste Inventory describing generated hazardous waste, or they certify with their signature that no hazardous waste has been generated in their unit.