Stockton University

The name Stockton University symbolizes our evolution as an institution of higher learning.

From the earliest days on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City to more than 40 years of growth on the Galloway campus in the Pinelands National Reserve, Stockton Seaview on the bay, the new Island Campus on the ocean, and other instructional sites, Stockton has advanced through the efforts of many dedicated educators, staff, students, government officials, businesses and residents throughout South Jersey.

Now Stockton’s academic achievements, expanding undergraduate and graduate programs, world-class new facilities and broad geographic reach have been recognized by the State of New Jersey’s Office of the Secretary of Higher Education, which approved Stockton’s petition for university status in February 2015.

We are officially a comprehensive university and renamed Stockton University. Stockton’s commitment to its tradition of academic pre-eminence, community service and environmental stewardship is unchanged.

“Stockton University continues to maintain its unequivocal commitment to teaching, learning, research and community service.”

- Dr. Harvey Kesselman, President