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Jump Start: Developing or Significantly Redesigning a W2


A CFP for Participation in Writing Summer Institute 2009

 The Writing Program is pleased to invite you to join the Writing Summer Institute 2009. The institute is an opportunity for faculty to discuss and develop writing and writing pedagogy with colleagues. We are currently in year two of a three-year rotation of topics, to be revisited after year three. Year one (2008) served as an introduction to writing across the curriculum. Year two (2009) targets people interested in developing and/or significantly revising a W2 course. Year three (2010) will have a focus that is to be determined.


Twelve faculty will each receive a stipend of $400 for the three day institute.  


This year, you should apply to participate in the institute if:

      You are interested in discussing the roles of writing and writing instruction in the curriculum.

      You wish to learn more about teaching writing.

      You wish to develop a W2 class OR to revisit and significantly redesign an existing W2 class.

      You wish to share your teaching experiences or learn from others how they handle the difficulties that writing can present in the classroom.


Applicants who are accepted to the institute will participate in three full days of meetings: May 13 and 14 and June 15. We will meet each day from 9-4. A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided. On the first two days, we’ll explore the niche of W2 classes in the Stockton curriculum, learn about current best practices in writing across the curriculum, and analyze our own experiences teaching writing. Participants will be assigned reading before the first day and reading and writing to complete between days one and two. In the month between the second and third meetings, participants will prepare a syllabus and assignments for a W2 class to present to the group.  


The application materials follow. Whether you are to a newcomer Stockton, have been here for a while, or are practically a founding member, I hope you will submit an application.


Comments from last year’s participants included the following:


I learned that there can be a variety of writing assignments to give to students, serving various teaching goals. The most important take home message for me is that as we teach students to write, the students also learn through writing.


“The time spent was very worthwhile. I was able to network with colleagues and learn new strategies to weave writing skills into my courses. Not only was the content presented immediately applicable to all of my courses, but the assignments directly impacted on the construction of my G course for the fall”



Jump Start: Developing or Significantly Redesigning a W2


 Application Form for Participation in Writing Summer Institute 2009


Please complete this application form by typing into the document, then print and mail it or email it as an attachment and send it to Heather McGovern, GENS, heather.mcgovern@stockton.edu, by Feb. 2.











Brief explanation of why you desire to participate in this year’s summer institute: (Please include which of the goals in the CFP interest you—maybe all of them, perhaps only one of them—and how you think your participation might help you as a member of Stockton’s faculty)