School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Mathematics Faculty

  Bradley Forrest, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D. (Cornell University)
Bradley.Forrest@stockton.edu (609) 626-6860 Office: B-124
geometric group theory, geometric topology
  Renganathan G. Iyer, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Renganathan.Iyer@stockton.edu - (609) 652-4969 Office: F-129
Representation theory of finite and infinite dimensional Lie algebras, commutative algebra, curriculum development and mathematics education.
  Pamela Kosick, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D. (University of Delaware)
Pamela.Kosick@stockton.edu - (609) 652-4912 Office: C-124
Finite fields and applications, polynomials over finiate field, finite commutative semifields.
  Suzanne Nezzar, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D. (University of California at Los Angeles)
Suzanne.Nezzar@stockton.edu - (609) 626-3522 Office: C-104
Image processing, radial basis functions, spectral methods, radon transform.
  Simon R. Quint, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D. (University of California at Berkeley)
Simon.Quint@stockton.edu - (609) 652-4280 Office: K-120
Representations of Lie groups, mathematical innerconnections.
  Brandy Lynn Rapatski, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D. (University of Maryland)
Brandy.Rapatski@stockton.edu - (609) 626-3521 Office: B-111
Mathematics epidemiology, mathematical biology, differential equations.
    Yujin Shen, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Associate of the Society of Actuaries
Ph.D. (University of Delaware)
Yujin.Shen@stockton.edu - (609) 652-4409 Office: G-234
Mathematical statistics, probability, actuarial science.
  Juan Tolosa, Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D. (Patrick Lumumba University, USSR)
Juan.Tolosa@stockton.edu - (609) 652-4938 Office: C-121
Local and global theory of dynamical systems, mathematical biology, retarded and neutral functional differential equations, ordinary differential equations, maps of the interval, chaos.
  Judith Vogel, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D. (Temple University)
Judith.Vogel@stockton.edu - (609) 626-5548 Office: B-120
Numerical analysis, numerical linear algebra, iterative methods.
  Chia-Lin Wu, Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D. (University of California, Irvine)
Chia-Lin.Wu@stockton.edu - (609)652-4428 Office: B-009b
Probability and Statistics, queueing theory, data analysis, optimization.

 Associated Faculty

    Frank Cerreto, Professor of Mathematics
Ed.D. (Rutgers, The State University)
Frank.Cerreto@stockton.edu - (609)652-4631
Mathematics, curriculum development, mathematics education, technology in education.
  Yitzhak Y. Sharon, Professor of Physics and Weinstein Professor of Jewish Studies
Ph. D. (Princeton University)
Yitzhak.Sharon@stockton.edu - (609) 652-4500
Theoretical physics, mathematical physics


Emeritus Professors:

Charles W. Herlands, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
Ph.D. (University of California at Irvine)
Charles.Herlands@stockton.edu - (609)652-4674
Algebra, category theory, homological algebra, history and philosophy of science, computer science.

Murray R. Kirch, Professor Emeritus of Computer Sciences and Mathematics
Murray.Kirch@stockton.edu - (609) 652-4353
Information assurance and security, software engineering, computational science and numerical analysis, theory of computation, computer algorithms, artificial intelligence, mathematics of risk.

Donald Plank, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
Ph.D. (University of Rochester)
Algebra, general topology, rings of functions, ordered algebraic systems, collective choice theory.

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