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Follow these links to review articles and other information on teaching and learning

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Rubrics

Critical Thinking Syllabi


Redesigning courses

Using Backwards Design to redesign courses (Profhacker blog)

What students want

What students want in a teacher

Interactive pedagogy

 Inexperienced teachers trained to use interactive pedagogy can be more effective than experienced lecturers (Chronicle article)

Turning the Teaching of Science Upside Down (Chronicle article)

Using interactive methods to help lessen the achievement gap in introductory science courses (Chronicle article)

How clickers are changing education (Smart Planet) and Low cost alternatives to clicker technology (Chronicle) and a database on clicker research and resources 

Group work that works even in large classes

How students learn

 Test Taking Cements Knowledge...(New York Times article with link to Science article)

Project Kaleidoscope Volume IV: What works, what matters, what lasts
January 9: Considering how students learn

Understanding How Students learn – Different Views about Physics Education Research

A Cognitive Model of Learning

Increasing comprehension by activating prior knowledge


 Grading with a timer 

Avoiding grade appeals

Online and Hybrid Course Development

Blackboard Exemplary Course Program Rubric

California State Univ. / Rubric for Online Instruction

University of Central Florida / Teaching Online

University of Central Florida / Teaching Online - Pedagogical Repository

University of Wisconsin-Madison / Distance Education Professional Development

The Sloan Consortium / Sloan-C Institute

 Students and Writing

Teaching Writing (Stanford Study of Writing)

Assessing student writing

 Students and Oral Presentations

 Guidelines for creating effective visual arguments in technical presentations (abstract for article inTechnical Communication journal)

Students and Researching

Skimming the Surface (Inside Higher Ed on the surface level research of most first year students)

Why the research paper isn't working

Student behavior

Focusing on attendance

 Why quiet students may not always be a problem