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Institute for Faculty Development

The IFD provides assistance to programs in designing, implementing, interpreting, and taking action on assessment of student learning. In some cases, the IFD can provide minor financial support for program or course assessment projects, and the Provost's Office supports such projects--see details in the negotiated agreement. No need to worry about the October deadline. Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis.

This support takes a number of different forms:

Due to repeated requests for some institutional assessment data, the following links provide access to some data:

NSSE learning to improve data and selections from that updated with 2012 NSEE data (comparative NSSE data on many questions over time--see where Stockton has improved and where we need to continue to improve, see where students spend their time, etc.)

CLA results for 2010-2011


The following table offers archive links to historical documentation of assessment of student learning by school and program:

Arts and Humanities


Health Sciences

Natural Sciences and Mathematics



General Studies

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Measuring student learning: many tools (discussion of choice of tools to measure college-wide learning)

The State of New Jersey Academics & Assessment

How programs assess student learning (Chronicle article with links to research reports)

Study finds a gap between students' perceived and real learning (Chronicle article)