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Institute for Faculty Development

Managing Academic Life

Getting ready for a new year

On syllabi and course design

Preparing for the first week of classes (Prof hacker archive summary)

Getting through the end of term (Prof hacker archive summary)

 On Getting Along

Chronicle post, "Dealing with Jerks on Campus"

Students as classroom bullies, doing harm to their professors

On Meetings

Post from Chronicle on "What not to say at a department meeting"

Post from Chronicle on "Bad meetings are your fault"

Post from Chronicle on handling disruptive colleagues at meetings

On Not Getting Tenure

Absorbing tenure-denial, Chronicle article

Life after tenure-denial, Chronicle article

Post tenure-denial

Advice on recovering from tenure-denial

 On Using Sabbaticals

A Strong Foundation: part one of a year-long Chronicle blog

General advice

How to get more than you think you will out of a semester's leave

Financial planning for sabbatical and Tax planning for sabbatical

Some people's experiences: Getting sleep, Sabbatical blues, a Sabbatical ends, Mom on sabbatical, Dare to do things differently

On Retirement

Summary of AAUP survey on campuses and retirement

On retired professor's groups

How to treat colleagues who may be approaching a common retirement age (Chronicle blog: Whatever you do, don't call them fuddy-duddies)

Finances and retirement:

 Experiences of retirement:

On balancing work/life

Caring for aging parents: Chronicle article

Dual-career couples

Housework and gender disparity, female scientists

 On discrimination

The trouble with normal

Transgender and discrimination, transgender and academe,transgendered scholars

How to be welcoming to gay and lesbian candidates

Gay and lesbian students and employees face discrimination (2010 survey results), "Whose agenda" (summary of research in The Journal of Applied Social Psychology that shows that students perceive political bias differently when they think someone is gay or lesbian)

Outing to students

Hot at their own risk

Is having more than two children taboo?

On being conservative or evangelical or...

The stranger in academe

 On Being Productive

Six ways to avoid letting your computer distract you