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Institute for Faculty Development

New Faculty

Presentation from the IFD for adjunct faculty from January 2013 on Plagiarism.

Presentations from the IFD for new faculty in summer 2012: Getting to know one another (includes information about Stockton) and Evaluation of Teaching at Stockton (includes information about teaching observations and student evaluations).

Here are guides to the personnel process for faculty in various pre-tenure years.These are not meant to substitute for reading the full personnel procedures, but are meant to be an executive summary/reminder--and they merge the Personnel calendar for 2012-2013 with the new procedures. Note that due to recent changes in the personnel process, what is true for second year faculty this year will not be true of second year faculty next year, etc., so only attend to the guide for the year you are in, and if you transitioned into a tenure track from 13 D or were a mid-year hire, you cannot trust the guide to address your situation (for instance, second year faculty this year do different things depending upon whether they just transitioned from a Visiting position or whether they started at Stockton as tenure track).

First year faculty

Second year faculty

Third year faculty

Tenure file year faculty