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What will happen at Stockton CSI?

Campers will work as part of an elite team of investigators and professionals to help solve a murder.  They will be involved with every phase of the legal process, from the crime scene investigation to the criminal murder trial. Every camp session features a different murder case! 

Stockton CSI is the only residential summer camp of its kind in the area.   Our highly-trained staff, consisting of Stockton faculty with doctoral degrees and graduate students, is outgoing, intelligent and energetic.  From the classroom to the dorm room, they serve as exceptional role models, guides, and mentors. 

Our program is unique in many ways.  We are able to connect young people with world class experts and inform them of potential career choices with the police, FBI, corrections, and in fields like criminal justice, forensic psychology, and the law.  Our program combines learning experiences with hands-on activities and course-specific off-campus field trips.

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