Athletics & Recreation


At Stockton, athletics and recreational activity are all about providing win-win situations. We strive to enhance your physical well-being, foster interpersonal relationships, and help you to develop organizational skills and teamwork. We've got a range of programs and facilities that just might be of interest.

NCAA Division III

Intercollegiate sports and
co-ed cheerleading:
 View Schedules We're a Division III member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and compete in the New Jersey Athletic Conference.

Stockton Athletics

Ice Hockey Players

Club Sports

Competitive club sports include bowling, men's rowing, golf, ice hockey, men's volleyball and table tennis. Non-competitive club sports include deep sea fishing, fencing, scuba, Ultimate Frisbee and weight training. And both types of club sports are a lot of fun!

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Basketball Players


Our intramural program consists of flag football, volleyball, dodgeball, basketball, soccer, street hockey and softball, operating under the auspices of the Intramural Recreational Council. The program offers wholesome, competitive activity.

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Student Gym


Get physically fit! Improve your skills! Make new friends, and learn about social and ethical qualities such as cooperation, trust, and regard for others. Come out, participate and enjoy! A variety of opportunities are available throughout the academic year.

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