Presidential Staff

Office of the President

Office of the President

Herman J. Saatkamp, Jr. President        (Read Dr. Saatkamp's biography)
Brian K. Jackson Chief of Staff
Kathryn Mason Executive Administrative Assistant to the President
Emelia “Millie” Romanelli Professional Services Specialist I
Denise Green Professional Services Specialist II
Patricia Collins Secretarial Assistant II
Gail “Gem” McGinnis Education Program Assistant I

     Affirmative Action / Ethical Standards 

Nancy W. Hicks Special Assistant to the President for Affirmative Action and Ethical Standards
Diane Epps Manager of Affirmative Action and Ethical Standards
Traci Matos Secretarial Assistant III
Edna Ortiz Professional Services Specialist

      Internal Auditing 

Carlton “Skip” Collins     Internal Auditor

      General Counsel

Melissa E. Hager, Esq. General Counsel
Michael Angulo Staff Counsel
Marie Ricci Program Assistant