Standard 9

Middle States Accreditation

Standard 9: Student Support Services

The institution provides student support services reasonably necessary to enable each student to achieve the institution’s goals for students.


1) What mechanisms exist for collaboration between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs to provide a unified and comprehensive approach to civic engagement and personal responsibility?

2) What methods are employed to communicate with students about co-curricular activities, and how effective are they? To ascertain student satisfaction with co-curricular experiences? What are the relationships  between co-curricular programs and student retention?

3) How effective are support services for students from special populations (e.g.-minority students, students with disabilities, first generation, special groups such as athletes) and commuters and graduate students?

4) How has the philosophy of the provision of student services changed as a result of new leadership in the office of the Vice president for Student Affairs?

5) What changes in service delivery are anticipated with the move to a centralized One Stop Shop philosophy after the opening of the Campus Center?