Standard 4

Middle States Accreditation

Standard 4: Leadership and Governance

The institution’s system of governance clearly defines the roles of institutional constituencies in policy development and decision-making. The governance structure includes an active governing body with sufficient autonomy to assure institutional integrity and to fulfill its responsibilities of policy and resource development, consistent with the mission of the institution.


1) To what extent are the roles and responsibilities of the key constituent groups in shared governance appropriate and effectively communicated? 

  1. Board of Trustees (2.1.7) Bylaws, Policy and Board Handbook (includes State Selection Process for Trustees, Confict of Interest and Disclosure requirements)
  2. President's Cabinet 
  3. AAUP Principles on Faculty Governance, Faculty Senate and Senate Constitution
  4. From Assembly to Senate: Assembly Task Force Report, Transition, Ballot Memo, New Role of the Assembly, 2009 State of the Assembly, Board Resolution, Senate Year End Report, Reflections on Council to Senate and Reflections on Assessing Governance
  5. Stockton Union sites (AFT, CWA, IFTPE and PBA)
  6. Student Senate
  7. College Administration (see first chart on this page)
  8. Student Senate Survey Spring 2011

2) How effectively do the bodies of College governance (Board, administration, faculty and students) work together?        

  1. Standing Committees of the Board of Trustees (2.1.7)
  2. Minutes of Assembly & Faculty Senate Meetings
  3. Minutes of Student Senate Meetings
  4. Minutes of Board of Trustee Meetings (Contact Brian Jackson

3) How does the Board of Trustees evaluate the effectiveness of its roles and responsibilities?

4) How effective are the collaborations among the Boards of the College, the Foundation and Stockton Affiliated Services, Inc. in jointly pursuing the mission and goals of the College?     

  1. Stockton Affiliated Services, Inc. (SASI) (2.1.15)
  2. Richard Stockton College Foundation (2.1.14)
  3. Memoranda of Understanding: SASI and Foundation