Standard 8

Middle States Accreditation

Standard 8: Student Admissions and Retention

The institution seeks to admit students whose interests, goals, and abilities are congruent with its mission and seeks to retain them through the pursuit of the students’ educational goals.


1) What evidence exists demonstrating that the quality and quantity of the freshman class reflects the vision of the College to become a more residential and scholarly learning community?

2) Evaluate the relationship between the current Scholarship Program and enrollment and retention targets. How desirable, necessary and financially sustainable is the current scholarship program?

3) How well integrated are the academic and enrollment planning processes?

4) How  effective are the current retention programs and services? How well are retention goals tied to the Strategic Plan and communicated across the College? How effective are the  mechanisms for retention collaboration among Academic Affairs/Student Affairs/Administration and Finance?

  1. Stockton Retention and Graduation Rates (2.3.3)
  2. Retention Rate Trends
  3. Student Quality Undergraduate Active Response Effort (SQUARE) Program
  4. Coordinated Actions to Retain and Educate (CARE) Program
  5. Recent literature on retention:
    a. New Jersey Public College Retention and Graduation Rates (3.3.2)
    b. National Graduation and Retention Rates
    c. Research on Retention: Swirl, not Linear (and other topics)
    d. Research-supported Retention methods: learning communities, faculty interaction and orientation/transition programs and Stockton LLCs
    e. Stockton freshmen are 90% successful (persistence, graduation and transfer)
  6. Annual Report of Student Affairs: 2009-10 (with Goals)