Information Technology Services


Main Office: D-127
Phone: (609) 652-4335
Days: Monday - Friday
Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Help Desk: (609) 652-4309

The Office of Information Technology Services provides services in the following major functional areas: Academic Computing, Administrative Computing, End-User Training and Support, Communications and Networking, and Systems Administration and Operation.

The Office of Information Technology Services is charged with providing for the computing and information communication needs of the university community in the realization of the institutional mission.

Core functions serving the mission include:

  • Planning and ongoing development of a technological infrastructure that is appropriate and necessary to support the needs of the institution
  • Providing the technical services necessary to establish and maintain information, instructional delivery and communication systems that appropriately support the administrative, academic and auxiliary operations of the institution
  • Providing the training and support services necessary to promote and achieve effective use of the institution's information, instructional delivery and communication systems

Our goal is to maintain a consistently high level of service and where appropriate continuously upgrade and renew the University's technology resources in support of academic, administrative and mission-centered programs of the institution.

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