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What is the Honors Program at Stockton College?

Stockton Honors is an academic program that combines challenging courses with service learning to foster a warm, supportive intellectual community. Honors students can choose any course of study from Stockton's major, minor, and certificate programs, while exploring opportunities from South Jersey to South Africa and all points in between.What unites us is a commitment to academic excellence, to making the world a better place, and to working creatively to achieve our goals.

The Honors Program is a wonderful organization where students can grow academically as well as personally.
-- Anthony S, Business Studies alumni

Admission to the Honors Program

Admission to the Honors Program is competitive. Applicants must submit a separate application and letter of recommendation directly to the Honors Program office. Preference is given to those students who demonstrate clear intellectual curiosity and a strong desire to take an active role in their education and the College community. To remain in the program, students must continue to make academic progress, fulfill their service learning requirement, and maintain a 3.3 GPA. For application materials for the 2013-2014 academic year, please go to Honors Admissions Resources


Required Honors Courses

GEN 1033:

Honors Freshman Seminar:  The Life of the Mind

GAH 2309: Honors: Inventing the Past
GAH 2274: Honors: Literature and Society
GNM 2242: Honors: Ways of Knowing
GNM 2251: Honors: Designing Graphs, Seeing Numbers
GSS 2368: Honors: The Global Community
GIS 4635: Honors: Ethics and Contemporary Life

Required Honors Courses for Transfer Students

Transfer students who enter Stockton as sophomores are required to take three Honors courses, one of which must be at the 3000 level. Transfer students who enter Stockton as juniors are required to take two Honors courses, one of which must be at the 3000 level. They are also required to take GEN 2840, Honors Service Learning.

Transfer students are required to take the Honors Transfer Seminar GSS 3604, Honors: Economic Well Being, during their first semester at Stockton. 

For more information, please visit Transfer Honors Admissions Resources.

Service Learning Requirement

Honors students have made a commitment to making the world a better place, and the Service Learning Requirement allows them to fulfill that commitment in a variety of ways. Students entering the Honors Program are required to complete GEN 2840, Honors Service Learning. Working in consultation with the Honors Director and the Service Learning Coordinator, they develop a Service Learning Portfolio tailored to their personal interests, academic and career ambitions, and individual goals. They will ordinarily complete two service projects per semester in order to develop their skills and expertise in civic engagement. 

Stockton Honors is a challenge, not simply of academic ability but of character. Honors students hope to become not only leaders, but exemplars of service to other students and to the community.
-- Daniel H, Criminal Justice major, current MACJ student

First Year Excellence

Towards the end of their first year in the Honors Program, students may apply for the First Year Excellence award. To be eligible, they must:

Certificate of Distinction in Honors

Prior to graduation, Honors students may apply for Certificate of Distinction in Honors, which will appear on their college transcript. To be eligible, they must:

  • earn a GPA of 3.5 in Honors courses

  • complete all of the required Honors courses

  • complete the service learning requirement

  • complete a creative, research, or internship project in their major, and present it to the Honors community

Honors students share a love of learning, a commitment to excellence, a desire to achieve, and a belief that it is important to care about the world and its future.
-- Samantha N, Literature major, current MAEd student


News and Updates

Welcome to Spring Semester 2014!

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Contact the Honors Director: 

Professor Lisa Rosner, Honors Director 


Office Hours Spring 2014, B114
Wednesdays 10 am-2 pm or please email for appointment

Contact the Honors Center:

Honors Center
Richard Stockton College
101 Vera King Farris Drive
Galloway, NJ 08205-9441
Phone: 609-626-6094
Fax: 609-626-3533

Lorraine O'Flaherty

Education Assistant

Office Hours 2013-14, E296
M-F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Honors Advisory Committee and Faculty

Please visit our Courses and Faculty page for contact information.

Honors Calendar of Events

The Honors Program gives you what you put into it. I know that I have grown a lot since my freshman year because I have been a part of it. The leadership opportunities I have had have made me more responsible and organized. I think the biggest benefit of being in the program is having a group of people with similar interests to help you through college. The friends I have made as a result of being in Honors are truly my best friends and I can see the friendships lasting for years to come.
-- Laura G, Biology alumna, current DPT student