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Required Honors Courses

Honors students can major in any Stockton undergraduate school and major. Their Honors courses fulfill part of their General Studies requirement, ensuring that students experience the breadth of the liberal arts as a part of their college education. The courses feature innovative teaching from dedicated professors from a range of disciplines. They are only open to Honors students, and they are designed to stimulate student discussion, critical thinking, and creative expression in the arts, humanities, and sciences.

By successfully completing the required Honors courses, students are also completing their General Studies ("G") courses required for graduation.  

"Through involvement in the Honors Program, I have had access to many great resources and have even formed many great friendships. I have been given access to helpful advice, assistance from faculty members, unique and rewarding courses, dedicated staff members, Honors mentors, the Honors Center, and so much more. "
-- Adam P,  Doctoral student in Physical Therapy

Honors Course Schedule, Fall 2017:

GEN 1033:

Honors Freshman Seminar:  The Life of the Mind.

Professors: Josh Duntley, GT Lenard, Michael Rodriguez

Days/Times: MWF 11:20-12:35

GAH 2309:

Honors: Inventing the Past

Professor: William Lubenow

Days/Times: TR 2:30-4:20

GNM 2242:

Honors: Ways of Knowing

Professor: Margaret Lewis

Days/Times: MWF 9:55-11:10

GSS 2368:

Honors: The Global Community

Professor: Arnaldo Cordero-Roman

Days/Times: TR 8:30-10:20

GSS 3604:

Honors Transfer Seminar: Economic Well-Being

Professor: Deb Figart

Days/Times: TR 12:30-2:20

GIS 4635:

Honors: Ethics and Contemporary Life

Professor: Audrey Latourette

Days/Times: MW 3:35-5:25

"The Honors Program offers me so many more opportunities academically and socially. Through the program I am able to participate in exciting service projects that benefit my community. The Honors Program gives me the chance to take so many interesting classes with extremely intelligent professors. Finally, the Honors Program has introduced me to some of the greatest people I will ever meet."
-- Kaitlyn D, Language and Cultural Studies major

Honors Course Schedule, Spring 2018 (subject to change)

GAH 2274:

Honors: Inventing the Past

Professor: Mike Hayse

Days/Times: TR 10:30-12:20

GNM 2242:

Honors: Ways of Knowing

Professor: Laura Zucconi

Days/Times: TR 8:30-10:20

GSS 2368:

Honors: The Global Community

Professor: Eddie Horan

Days/Times: MWF 9:55-11:10

GIS 4635:

Honors: Ethics and Contemporary Life

Professor: Michael Busler

Days/Times: MW 3:35-5:25


"The Honors Program is a great way to connect with like-minded peers.  It allows students to thrive in an environment that encourages excellence and community involvement.  Joining the Honors Program helps students to become all that they can be.  It challenges students to think outside the box and gives students the knowledge and the know how to really make a difference in the world."
-- Tori N, Literature alumna






Honors Advisory Committee:

Emily August, Literature

Tara Crowell, Public Health

Deb Figart, Economics

Eddie Horan, Writing Center

Michael Hayse, Historical Studies

Audrey Latourette, Business Law

Margaret Lewis, Biology

Nathan Long, Creative Writing

William C. Lubenow, Historical Studies

Heather McGovern, General Studies

Erin O'Hanlon, Service Learning

Robert Olsen, Chemistry

Rich Trama, Academic Advising

"The Honors Program gives you the opportunity to get close to a small group of people that will be with you for all four years of college."
-- Sara E, Literature alumna

Honors Course Look-Up

Instructions for accessing Honors courses from the Look-Up Classes Link on the goStockton Portal:

  1. Click on the Look Up Classes link, and choose the semester you are interested in.
  2. Click on the Advanced Search button
  3. Select items from the Subject list. Since Honors courses are always G-courses, click on the first G-course category in the list, GAH, to select it. Then, hold down the Shift key, and click on the last G-course category in the list, GSS. (If you are on a mobile device like an iPad, use your usual methods to select all the G-courses).
  4. Go to the Attribute Type list, and click on the attribute Honors Course to select it.
  5. Click on Class Search. The list of available Honors courses will be displayed. 

National Memberships:

National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC)

National Conferences on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)

Northeast Regional Honors Council (NRHC)

"As a nursing major, college is not necessarily the easiest thing to deal with, especially when you are trying to balance school, college, and friends. But the Honors Program has helped me survive. It helped me adjust to the college life, manage my studies, meet life-long friends, and get involved in my community. There may be extra classes, but they are all very fun, the professors are fantastic, and I love being able to incorporate them into my schedule."

 -- Erin S, Nursing  alumna