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The Honors Service Learning Requirement

Honors students strive to make the world a better place in all sorts of ways. They tutor in math, writing skills, and financial literacy. They support blood drives and organize basketball clinics for young people with disabilities. They join with other civic-minded students in organizations like Circle K and S.A.V.E. They help out in their own communities on weekends and vacations.

The service-learning requirement within the Honors curriculum helps them help others, by allowing them to tailor their activities to their interests and skills. And it allows them to enhance and develop their abilities in civic engagement throughout their Stockton experience, just as they grow and develop their abilities in academic subjects.

GEN 2840, Honors Service Learning:

Students are required to complete GEN 2840, Honors Service Learning, every semester that they remain in the program. Honors Service Learning is a zero-credit course that combines a structured learning environment with the flexibility of an independent study course. Working in consultation with the Honors Director, the Service Learning Coordinator, and other faculty and staff, students will ordinarily complete two approved service projects per semester tailored to their individual abilities, interests, and motivation. They will attend two Reflection sessions and one Dialogue session held by the Office of Service Learning. And they will create a Service Learning portfolio and will develop it over the course of their Stockton education.

GEN 2840 appears on the college transcript as a pass/no credit course. Students are required to successfully complete the course every semester that they remain in the Honors program. Failure to do so may result in their being placed on Honors Probation.

Students who wish to apply summer activities towards their service learning requirement must obtain permission from the Honors Director the preceding spring by submitting the Summer Service Project Request Form. Summer service activities will ordinarily count for no more than one service project per academic year.

For new students, Honors Service Learning is a corequisite for both the Freshman and Transfer Seminars, and all incoming freshmen are automatically enrolled in it. Specific dates and times for meetings and assignments will be set up at the start of the semester. The initial service project will require new students to research service opportunities available at Stockton college. 

"Honors students are encouraged to branch out and make a difference in the lives of many through getting involved."
-- Momina A, Biology major

Service Learning Requirement for Students Who Entered Prior to Fall 2011

Please click here for information on the service requirement for students who enrolled prior to fall 2011. 


Important Service Learning Contacts:

Course website for GEN 2840, Honors Service Learning

Daniel Tomé, Program Coordinator, Office of Service Learning

Diana Strelczyk, Program Assistant, Office of Service Learning

McKenzie Lillia, Student Director for Service, Honors Program, lilliam[at]go.stockton.edu


Summer Service Project Request Form  

Fall and Winter Days of Service

New Student Day of Service, Saturday, September 7, 2013.

 "My favorite service project is the Stockton Day of Service. It's a great way to learn of different projects on and off campus while still helping others. It's also a great way to jumpstart service-learning before each semester."
-- Momina A, Biology major 

Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, January 20, 2014, sponsored by the Office of Service Learning (more information available here)

"This is an annual Stockton event. Various service projects are available to vounteer for either on campus or in the surrounding community."
-- David M, Psychology alum

Service Clubs

Red Cross Blood Drives. Watch for emails to volunteer to table or help with donors.

"My favorite service project is working for the blood drive. Luckily that is done through the Honors Program so it is very easy to get information on."
-- Maryse B, Biochemistry major

Circle K ClubContact Brian Pluchino, 609-626-684

"I would definitely recommend Project Linus with Circle K. It meets every week to sew teddy bears, pillows, and blankets to give to children in need. We send our projects to local EMS-EMT organizations and hospitals. Through these blankets, we try to give children who may be hurt or afraid a sense of security."
-- Beth P, Biochemistry major

"Circle K sponsors many other projects almost every day of the week, including a tutoring program with Salvation Army in Atlantic City."
Brian N, Biology major

S.A.V.E (Stockton Action Volunteers for the Environment)

Water Watch, waterwatchrsc@gmail.com

As a marine science major interested in the environment, I find cleaning up the local beaches and Stockton's campus both rewarding and enjoyable. Water Watch has an open Facebook group, WaterWatch at RSC."
-- Caroline S, Marine Science major

Other On-Campus Service Opportunities

Certified Peer Educator Club meets Wednesdays, 8 pm in CC 5. The first meeting is September 14, 2011. Contact Luanne C. Anton, 609-626-6088

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Students receive a National FEMA-Emergency Management Diploma as well as ULTRA credit. Contact Dennis Lepore, Safety and Health Compliance Coordinator, 609-652-4751

Neighborhood Watch, Campus Police Department. Contact Officer Tracy Stuart, or click here for more information.  

The Stockton Center for Community Engagement coordinates volunteer opportunities in Atlantic City. Contact Dr Reva Curry for more information on current opportunities.

Stockton College Emergency Medical Services

Community Partners

Community Partners listed by county

The Arc of Atlantic County. Contact Jennifer Bowles, Volunteer Coordinator, 609-485-0800, ext. 137

"My favorite service project was volunteering at the Saturday program at the ARC of Atlantic County. It's a day program for children with special needs. Their parents are assured that their children are in a safe environment while they are able to run errands and attend to other tasks. We color, play music, and play games with the children, and it is a very rewarding experience."
McKenzie L, Biology major, and Mary Kate F, Health Sciences major

Atlantic City Rescue Mission. Contact Kathy Schmookler, Volunteer Program Manager, 609-345-5517 ext. 165.

Atlantic Riding Center for Health. Contact Jill Baxter, 609-926-2233

"I really enjoyed working at the Atlantic Riding Center for Health. It is a therapeutic center where people with disabilities take horseback riding lessons to improve their mobility."
-- Melinda G, Hospitality Management major

AtlantiCare Medical Center, Jimmie Leeds Road, Galloway, NJ (next to the Stockton campus)

"I volunteer for four hours every Sunday in the emergency room. I would absolutely recommend that pre-med students be made aware of hospital volunteering."
-- Ian K, Biology alum, current medical student.

Beach Sweeps, Clean Ocean Action. Beach sweeps held at various locations in NJ. For more information, explore the website or contact Apryle Panyi, panyia[at]go.stockton.edu

Beagle Rescue, Petsmart in Mays Landing, NJ (609-677-1620) on Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

"This is such a fun service project! Volunteers help to entertain the dog and take them out. It's a wonderful feeling to see the dogs adopted into loving homes."
-- Elizabeth T, Biology major

Edwin Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. Contact Sandy Perchetti, Volunteer Coordinator, 609-652-1665

Health Fair. Contact Dr. Amy Hadley, Speech Pathology and Audiology.

"At the Health Fair you get to work within the Atlantic City community alongide nurses and other health professionals, helping to promote wellness and give check ups to patients."
-- Liz W, Nursing major

Helping Hand Behavioral Health Corp. Contact Nancy Basile, Program Director, 609-383-8668

Jersey Shore Children's Museum, Hamilton Mall. Contact Dr. Linda Szypula, 609-645-7741, or visit Volunteer section of the web page.

NJ Community Food Bank 

My favorite service project was the NJ Food Bank Food Drive I do every year before Thanksgiving. My parents and I have been organizing and running this food drive at my town’s ShopRite for over 10 years now, so it’s a huge part of my charity work and who I am as a citizen. Being able to do this food drive for the Honors Program just tied in really well with the service learning requirement, and let me publicize the event to a new audience."
-- Sage M, Marine Science major

Seashore Gardens Assisted Living Center

"My favorite service project was working with Seashore Gardens Living Center. Here I volunteered during their activity time and was able to get to know all of the patients on the floor on a personal level. It is located less than five minutes away from Stockton. They are extremely flexible with the hours that you can volunteer and have many options to work with groups or individual patients."
--Renee C, Health Science major

Summer Tutoring for Military Families. Contact Terry Dougherty, Galloway Township Public Schools.

United Way of Atlantic County. Contact Joanne B. Gazo, Volunteer Coordinator, 609-404-4483, est. 20. From February through April, volunteers are needed for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA). 

Walk to Cure Diabetes, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

"My favorite service project so far is doing the JDRF walk. It's a walk to raise money for juvenile diabetes."
-- David F, Criminal Justice alum