Welcome to the Faculty Handbook!

Handbook CoverStockton University is pleased to make available this digital Faculty Handbook to all full-time, part-time, and adjunct faculty members.  The handbook has been designed as a simple, useful, and convenient resource that can be easily accessed at work or home.

This repository serves as an excellent example of the faculty’s efforts to support the College’s strategic themes of Learning, Engagement, Global Perspectives, and Sustainability.

While every effort has been made to make this online resource as thorough and complete as possible, it is not necessarily all-inclusive and faculty are reminded to refer to the University's Policies and Procedures  and Collective Bargaining Agreements with the Stockton Federation of Teachers, texts may be consulted at the Academic Affairs web site. All are reminded that this Handbook and college policies and procedures may change from time to time for various reasons including changes in the law so it is up to each faculty member to  review or inquire as to updates to this Handbook and college policies and procedures.

If you notice any errors or essential missing items, please e-mail Mary Ann Trail, Maryann.Trail@stockton.edu.


Best Regards,


Harvey Kesselman

Provost and Executive Vice President