Pedagogical Links

Academic Honesty Procedure As an academic institution of merit and integrity, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey affirms its commitment to the honesty and excellence of research and pedagogy conducted by members of the Stockton academic community.

Advising   --  Online Resources for Precepting. Often needed forms like CAPP (Curriculum, Advising, and program Planning and Change of Preceptor Form are found on this page.

Office of the Registrar forms

Bookstore: Book Adoption Form is sent to you directly from the Bookstore x4357 or you can submit your adoptions via email to Stockton.Bookstore@stockton.edu

Class Cancellation. Faculty are responsible for notifying their students and for contacting their school so that a class cancellation notice may be placed on the classroom door.

Classroom Disruption Protocol Classroom Disruption is defined as “behavior a reasonable person would view as being likely to substantially or repeatedly interfere with conduct of a class.”

Computer Services
     To schedule a lab for an individual class session, please contact Jo Ann Kocher at ext. 4575 to check for lab availability.

     Links to Computer Services pages that support online pedagogy: Instructional Technology and Getting Ready where you will find information about Blackboard and other services. 

     eCrew – Student workers who work with Computer & Telecommunication Services staff to provide support for eMentors and Participants; nominated by eMentors and Participants 

Office of E-Learning

     Academic Affairs Office of E-Learning page offers information about Distance Ed for students.

Extended Class Schedule (Exam Schedule) (REG)A limited number of classes will have modified schedules during the final week of the spring term to allow for completion of final projects and examinations.

Film in the classroom

  1. When the film is in the Library collection.
  2. Using films from Videos on Demand can be projected from any podium.
  3. Using personal DVDs or VHS.
    • All podiums are equipped with DVD and VHS players.
    • Call 4309 for questions or help with these services.

General Studies , School of
      How to propose a General Studies course (GS) Subscript proposal when proposing a General Studies course: the subscripts are A: Arts, H: Historical consciousness; I: International or Multicultural, V: values.

Grading System

Guide to Computer & Telecommunication Services Link to the booklet that covers all the services and facilities of Computer Services.

“Incomplete” or I notation. Proper name for the appropriate form is Agreement for Completion of Course Work.  For the college policy see Grading System

Institute for Faculty Development The Institute for Faculty Development (IFD) is a resource to support effective pedagogy and productive scholarship for all faculty members. The IFD conducts workshops and offers in-house resources on teaching, learning, and the assessment of student learning.

Library Home page to schedule library sessions, order interlibrary loans, see what periodicals the library owns and much more.

Military Deployment.  New Jersey law covers the options for students at public institutions of higher education who are unable to complete their course work due to military service. N. J.  Stat. 18A:62-4.2. 

New programs (minors, majors): Faculty Committee on Programs and Planning for information on the approval process for proposals for new minors or majors.

Precepting Resources

Printing at Stockton for Students.  Please note:  under the new policy, double sided printed is the default.  Students will not be able to print their papers on single sides on the public computers.  Also, if you want your students to download your power point slides DO NOT SAVE THEM AS JPEGS.  Also be wary of fancy formatting.  All this takes lots of paper and ink to print.  JPEGS must be printed as single sheets. Printing Practice guidelines from Comptuer & Telecommunication Services.

Plagiarism see Turnitin and Academic Honesty Policy

Quad Proposal (GS) proposals for courses that fulfill students’ quantitative reasoning requirements.

Skills Center located in J105, offers tutoring in writing, critical reading, and study skills as well as peer tutoring to all student enrolled in mathematics and science courses.

Student Evaluation of Teaching Procedures. At Stockton, students evaluate faculty using the IDEA instrument.   Agreement Regarding Use of Idea and Small Class Instruments for Student Evaluation of Teaching 

      Institute for Faculty Development Resources
      IDEA Center 

Students with Disabilities The Learning Access Program is housed in the Wellness Center in West Quad. Its stated mission is to assist “Stockton students and faculty so that individuals with physical, psychological, or learning disabilities can participate fully in the life of the College community.”

Turnitin Check originality of your student papers. Carolyn Gutierrez (x4275) is our campus administrator. Call her to get information on setting up your class.

Writing Designation What does it take for your course to have a W designation? (GS)