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Seaview Rates & Policies
*DO NOT USE YOUR COLLEGE CREDIT CARD AT SEAVIEW! Official Stockton business is now considered an in-house charge that the college will be billed for on a monthly basis.
2018 ARTV Authorization Request for Travel/Staff Training
2017 ARTV Authorization Request for Travel/Staff Training
Approval of Attendance Form
ARE Chartwells & Other Approval for Reception Entertainment
2018  Travel Expense Payment Voucher Reimbursement form
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Information on Use of College Vehicles | Complete this Form

Beth Brook, ARTV & ARE Assistance| 609-626-3501

Bonnie Brittingham, ARE/Chartwells/Pcard postings | 609-652-4570
Lori Koed, Travel Reimbursement T-Z, Pcard travel | 609-652-4552
Karen Lutgen, Travel Reimbursement A-S, Pcard travel | 609-652-4745
Regina Rosenello, Travel Approver | 609-626-6079
For help with the events form, contact the Affirmative Action / Ethics Office at 609-652-4693

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