Information on use of University Vehicles

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Information on Use of University Vehicles

Here is a step-by-step reminder of the University's risk management requirements for the use of college vehicles by staff, faculty and students.

  • Only employees of the College, with valid driver’s licenses, are authorized to operate college-owned vehicles.
  • A student must be employed by the University as a Student Worker in order to drive a college vehicle. The written job description for a student worker must include driving as a responsibility.
  • Employees that will drive a university-owned vehicle must complete the accompanying form, also located on the Risk Management website, and submit it with a copy of their driver’s license to the attention of Sandi Mintz ( in the Department of Risk Management.
  • If an employee will drive a 15-passenger van off-campus they must also take online safety awareness training that is arranged by Sandi Mintz. The training takes approximately 30-minutes.
  • The use of a vehicle must be within the scope of their employment, and for official university business only. Only university and state employees may be passengers in university-owned vehicles unless otherwise waived by the Office of Risk Management & E/H/S.

For other information on general travel procedures such as  Authorization Request for Travel/Staff Training (ARTV) Forms, Travel Incident Forms, Credit Card Guidelines, Travel Expense Payment Voucher Reimbursement Forms, and more, please go to the following link managed by our Accounts Payable Department.