Purchasing Procedures

All University purchasing must be done in accordance with appropriate State laws, regulations, policies and procedures, which include laws related to Small, Women, and Minority Businesses, and New Jersey Business Registration. Please follow the correct procedure for purchasing good and services by processing a requisition in the Banner system. The Procurement & Contracting Department has the ultimate authority to secure all purchases for the University.

General Outline of Steps from Job to Payment for Requisitions:

  • Project is identified including the scope of work and approximate cost of the project
  • Determine the procurement method based on dollar figure (Refer to the bid thresholds/procurement methods in the below tables)
  • Obtain required vendor forms
  • Obtain Contract through Stockton University's Office of General Counsel if required
  • Requisition created in Banner (Department Support Staff)
  • Converted to Purchase Order (Procurement & Contracting Department)
  • Purchase Order issued to Vendor
  • Vendor fills order
  • Receiving processed in Banner if required based on type of Purchase Order (Deptartment Support Staff)
  • Invoice sent to Accounts Payable (Support Staff inputs)
  • Check disbursed to Vendor (30 days from invoice or less if discount applies)

Note: Purchasing@stockton.edu is the email address that all Procurement & Contracting general inquiries should be submitted to, including items such as new vendor registration, opening termed vendors, change order requests, certificates of insurance, and closing purchase orders.

The following outlines the procurement guidelines for the different procurement methods and bid thresholds in additional detail:

No quotes required for purchases under $6,660*, however, most competitive pricing is recommended.

  • *Commodity purchases under $3,000 may be made with a P-Card. Additional information is contained on Disbursement Services Website.
  • ** As per OMB Guidance, Grant fund purchases require competition for purchases $3,000 and over.


Three Quotes Required*


Stockton University RFP/Bid Guidelines

  • Complete Request for a RFP/BID Form & Prepare SOW and submit to Procurement & Contracting. 
  • Procurement & Contracting will work with the user to finalize the Scope of Work and issue the RFP/Bid.
  • RFP/Bid Process Overview:
    • Advertisement: The University will request advertisements in the paper that require a 2-day lead-time and will post the RFP/Bid on Procurement and Contracting's website.
    • Conference/Site Visit: A Pre-Proposal Conference or Site Visit can be scheduled for the RFP if required or requested.
    • Question & Answers: After RFP Posting, the University accepts questions regarding the RFP until a certain date and time. The University will work with the end users to determine answers to the questions recieved and will advertise the addendum in the paper and post the addendum with answers to all the questions addressing the RFP for the vendors benefit. This process helps to improve the Scope of Work that was originally posted.
    • Bid Opening: The Bid Opening is the date in which proposals/bids must be recieved by and must occur a minimum of 7 business days after the last addendum, as required by statue.
    • Procurement Review: After Bid Opening the proposals/bids will be reviewed for mandatory submissions by Procurement & Contracting and later released to the Committee for review.
    • Evaluation: In cases of goods and services, the Commitee will review each proposal and fill out a score sheet for each vendor based upon the vendors proposal. This evaluation is based on price and other factors (technical evaluation). For Construction Bids, the evaluation is based on price.
    • Notice of Intent to Award: Once the Committee reviews and recommends a vendor for award, Notice of Intent to Award letters must be sent to all vendors and a 3-day protest period starts which allows vendors the opportunity to protest the award. Procurement & Contracting will also request any additional forms required at this time, such as Chapter 51 and Affirmative Action
    • Contract: After the protest period, the contract will be prepared by Procurement & Contracting for RFP's and by end user for Construction Bids and shall be submitted to General Counsel for review, following the normal Contracting process.

Publically Advertised Bids (RFP) FAQS


Stockton University Bid Waiver Guidelines

 A Bid Waiver is used when when purchase exceeds $33,300 but meets statutory definitions listed on the bid waiver form:

Bid Waiver Request: The bid waiver form must be completed and submitted to the Procurement & Contracting Department for approval by resolution of the Board of Trustees.

Bid Waiver Vendor Document Packet: Forms that the Vendor must fill out and complete

BidWaiver@stockton.edu: To submit signed Bid Waiver packets and correspondence regarding Bid Waivers

Bid Waiver Package Submission Due Date

Board of Trustee Meeting Dates

March 1, 2018

May 2, 2018

May 16, 2018

July 18, 2018

July 19, 2018

September 26, 2018

October 1, 2018

December 5, 2018

Step 1: Identify your need. If it is concluded that the purchase is at $33,300 or above, cannot be made under a different vehicle (State Contract, Cooperative Contract, GSA Contract, Publicaly Advertised RFP), and meets staturory definitions listed on the Bid Waiver Form, proceed to prepare a Request for Quote (should obtain at least 3 quotes) or if the vendor is a sole source vendor, provide the Sole Source Justification Form.

Step 2: Prepare Bid Waiver, get the required signatures (Requestor and VP of Division), include all additional documents such as three quotes, Service Provider Agreement (unsigned & without L #), Vendor Proposal included within the Service Provider Agreement, Sole Source Justification (if applicable), and Vendor documents. Email the signed Bid Waiver packet to BidWaiver@Stockton.edu for review.

Step 3: If the Board of Trustees approves the Bid Waiver, the Department will recieve an email from Procurement & Contracting that includes a Bid Waiver Request Form signed by V.P. for Admin & Finance, a Contract approved by Legal with L#, and instructions for Contract signatures and requisition completion.

Bid Waiver FAQS


Stockton University State Contract Guidelines

The State of New Jersey is currently transitioning to a new procurement system and its State Contracts are currently located in 2 different locations:

  1. Division of Purchase & Property's (DPP) contract search: http://www.state.nj.us/treasury/purchase/pricelists.shtml; and
  2. NJSTART: https://www.njstart.gov/bso/login.sdo.

It is recommended that both sources are checked as new procurements are being awarded in NJSTART while most previously awarded contracts are listed on DPP's website.


  • The University may utilize State Contracts that are open to Cooperative Purchasing Participants.
  • Please read the instructions and specifications of the each contract. There may be restrictions or limitations. Purchases must be made in accordance with any Method of Operations or instructions for the contract.
  • Minimum Bid Threshold Requirements do not apply to State Contracts.
  • Note: All Requisitions for a State Contract purchase must include the State Contract #, the Contract Line #, and the Commodity Code # in Document Text and a quote must be attached that includes the State Contract #.


 Most of the State forms are not required as the State of New Jersey obtained them when the award was made, however the following forms may still be needed:

State Contract FAQS


Stockton University Cooperative Purchasing Guidelines

There are two (2) types of cooperative contracts that Stockton University can utilize:

  1. Joint Purchasing Agreement Cooperative
  2. Nationally Recognized Cooperative



A New Jersey State College/University is authorized to enter into a joint purchasing agreement with other State Colleges/University's and other units of State or local government in accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:64-61.

  • Joint purchasing agreement cooperative purchases must be reviewed and approved by the Purchasing and Contracting Department;
  • The use of joint purchasing agreement cooperative contracts eliminates the need to obtain three (3) competitive quotes up to the bid threshold, and eliminates the need to issue public bids (RFPs) and/or bid waivers over the bid threshold;
  • Joint purchasing agreement cooperative purchases are with other New Jersey governmental entities and thus all form requirements should have been met. A COI will still need to be collected if a service is being performed on campus and certified payroll if it is a Public Work project.
  • Note: All Requisitions for a joint purchasing agreement cooperative purchase must state the Cooperative Name and the Cooperative Contract # in Document Text and a quote must be attached.


  • Click on NJEdge.net's website. NJEdge is considered an "educational research and services cooperation" that can act as a contracting unit for the procurement of goods and services concerning educational technology systems and related services for the entities comprising the corporation, which includes Stockton University.



A New Jersey State College/University is authorized to be a participating contracting unit in a cooperative pricing system in accordance with N.J.S.A. 52:34-6.2(b)(3).

  • Cooperative purchases must be reviewed and approved by the Purchasing and Contracting Department;
  • To utilize a cooperative contract, the following requirements must be met:
    1. Nationally-recognized and accepted cooperative purchasing agreement;
    2. Developed utilizing a competitive bidding process;
    3. Developed/Lead by another contracting unit within the State of New Jersey or any other state; and
    4. Determine that the use of results in cost savings after all factors, including charges, etc.
  • Minimum bid threshold requirements do not apply to nationally recognized cooperatives however it must be determined that the use of results in cost savings after all factors, including charges, etc. Cost savings must be documented and purchases must be made in accordance with any Method of Operations for the Contract;
  • In addition, all form requirements remain for Nationally Recognized Cooperatives. Please reach out to the Purchasing and Contracting Department for additional information, if needed.
    • Note: All Requisitions for a cooperative contract purchase must state the Cooperative Name and the Cooperative Contract # in Document Text and a quote must be attached.
  • Click on the following link to search by Vendor: http://www.ncpa.us/Vendors. Note: Vendors specify in its Proposal response what States can utilize its contract. Please ensure New Jersey is eligible before proceeding.
6.    PEPPM:
  • Click on the following link to view E&I's Lead Public Agency (LPA) Contracts: https://www.eandi.org/contract-finder/lead-public-agency/our-lpa-contracts/. To access pricing please login using the following information:
  • Note: The University can only use Lead Public Agency (LPA) Contracts through E&I as they are developed by another contracting unit. E&I's other contracts are not developed by another contracting unit and do not meet the 3rd requirement to utilize nationally recognized cooperatives.

Cooperative Contract FAQs


Stockton University GSA Purchasing Guidelines


  • A New Jersey State College/University is authorized to utilize Federal Supply Schedules of the General Services Administration (GSA), in accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:64-60.2b.
  • GSA purchases must be reviewed and approved by the Purchasing and Contracting Department;
  • To utilize a GSA Schedule contract, the following requirements must be met:
    • The GSA Schedule must be open to Cooperative Purchases;
    • The price of the goods or services being procured is no greater than the price offered to federal agencies;
    • The State college receives the benefit of federally mandated price reductions during the term of the contract and is protected from price increases during that time; and
    • The price of the goods or services being procured is no greater than the price of the same or equivalent goods or services under any State contract, unless the State college determines that because of factors other than price, selection of a vendor from the Federal Supply Schedules would be more advantageous to the State college.
  • In addition, all vendor form requirements remain for GSA purchases. Please reach out to the Purchasing and Contracting Department for additional information if needed.
    • Note: All Requisitions for a GSA purchase must state the GSA schedule # and the GSA Contract # in Document Text and a quote must be attached.


GSA currently has three (3) contract schedules that are open to cooperative purchases – State & Local Governments. These schedules are as follows:

  1. 70 – General Purpose Commercial Information technology Equipment, Software, and Services;
  2. 84 – Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities, Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Response; and
  3. 00CORP – the Professional Services Schedule (PSS).

Please click on the below link to access these GSA schedules: https://www.gsaelibrary.gsa.gov/ElibMain/scheduleList.do;jsessionid=063B9B6F0B72717A17BDB7FD7F962288.prd1pweb?flag=coop. Vendors participating in this program are identified with the following icon:


Stockton University Contracting Guidelines

The Contracting Process is governed by the Office of General Counsel and includes both Contracting Procedures and Contracting Forms

The following chart from the Office of General Counsel website summarizes the steps in the procurement process that are required before submitting a contract for legal review. 



After completing the required procurement process, the Department should prepare and submit the required contract documents to the Office of General Counsel. The following Chart and Checklist set forth the various documents that need to be submitted to the Office of General Counsel before legal review of a contract. After the contract is complete and required documents are collected from the Vendor, the Department Representative will complete the Contract Processing Form and submit the contract and the required documents to the Office of General Counsel at legal@stockton.edu.


After the contract is reviewed and approved, the Office of General Counsel will assign an "L" number to the contract and return it to the Department Representative. The Department Representative will then send the contract to the Vendor for execution. After the Vendor executes the contract, the Department Representative will submit the contract to the Contracting Officer in the Purchasing Department for execution by the University. THE UNIVERSITY WILL NOT EXECUTE A CONTRACT UNLESS IT CONTAINS AN "L" NUMBER AND IT IS EXECUTED BY THE VENDOR. If the Vendor makes any changes to the contract after an "L" number is assigned, then the revised contract MUST be submitted to the Office of General Counsel for review and approval of any Vendor changes prior to execution by the University.

 Once the Contract has been signed by the Vendor and is fully approved by the Office of General Counsel with a "L", the contract should be sent to  StocktonContracts@stockton.edu. Once executed, the Procurement & Contracting Department will send the fully executed contract to the Department Representative for recordkeeping. Please note that a Direct Pay may be utilized for contracted services below $6,600 that have been reviewed by General Counsel and returned with an L #. Additional information is contained on Disbursement Services Website.The Department Representative shall maintain of copy of the fully executed contract for seven (7) years, as required by law. The following Chart summarizes the execution process for all contracts.



Contracting FAQs




PURCHASING PROCEDURES - Purchasing Procedures for Stockton University 

OFFICE OF GENERAL COUNSEL CONTRACTING PROCEDURES - Link to Office of General Counsel Website that includes Contracting Procedures