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Prior to class registration and housing assignments, all students at Stockton University must meet certain requirements regarding immunizations and health insurance. See the Immunization & Health Records form here.

All students born after January 1, 1957 must present proof of:

  • Measles - 2 doses (at least 30 days apart) or provide proof of immunity.
  • Mumps - 1 dose or provide proof of immunity.
  • Rubella - 1 dose or provide proof of immunity.

Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccines must be on 1st birthday or after. We cannot accept any vaccines prior to 1st birthday.

If vaccinated before 1968, you must produce proof of immunity or be revaccinated.
      •Hepatitis B - 3 dose series or (Adolescent 2 dose series for ages 11-15) accepted.

Students Residing on Campus need a MENINGITIS Vaccine in addition to the above requirements.

Listed below are some insurance companies that provide insurance plans for international students and visitors. Please visit their Web sites or call to determine the insurance policy that would best suit your needs.

Compass Benefits Group, 1-800-767-0169

HTH Worldwide, 1-888-243-2358

iNext International Insurance 1-855-578-6398

International Student Insurance, 1-877-758-4391

International Student Organization, 1-800-244-1180

International Student Protection, 1-877-738-5787

The Harbour Group, 1-800-252-8160

UnitedHealthcare, 1-800-767-0700 (Stockton University former insurance provider)

For more information regarding Health and Immunization services please visit the Wellness Center website.

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