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According to the USCIS “foreign academic or vocational students may be allowed to work in the United States under certain circumstances”. For F-1 international students the regulation is as follows:

  • Students may not work off-campus during the first academic year but may work on-campus
  • F-1 students may seek off-campus employment directly related to their major area of study after completing the first full-time academic year

Types of employment available to F-1 International Students:


To be eligible for employment F-1 students must:

  • be in status
  • work part-time when school is in session (students may choose to work full-time when school is not in session)
  • be authorized to work by their OGE advisor

Social Security Card:

All on-campus and off-campus employment requires a Social Security Number for paycheck processing.  Clicke here to read the application instructions.

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