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Office of Global Engagement

Stockton partners with great providers to bring you a variety of destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America and South America with carious housing option including homestays, apartments, and dormitories.  Courses are offered in a multitude of disciplines in various countries.

Stockton Study Abroad is now a nearly full online experience.  To view the program listings without logging in, please click on Search Programs.

Search Programs

To create an application, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your Stockton portal account
  2. Navigate to the Student_Life tab
  3. Find the link for the application on the Recourses channel
  4. Select Click Here for the Application!
  5. Click Login/Register in the upper right corner of the window to complete the log in process.


Note: Once you have started an online application, please follow the instractions carefully and complete your profile information.

It won't be "too early" to apply! Most of the program applications will be released as early as one academic year ahead.

Study Abroad General Requirements:

  • Be at least a second semester freshman/transfer student
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Complete a provider's application on its external website and its application fee
  • Complete an online Stockton study abroad application that includes the following:
    • Application Essay
    • Consent for Treatment
    • Disciplinary Record
    • Provider Application (complete separately through you provider's webpage)
    • Travel Waiver
    • 2* Recommendation letters (send requests electronically on your application)
    • Copy of Health Insurance Card
    • Copy of valid Passport
    • Emergency Contact Info
    • $200 Application Fee
    • Cost Sheet
    • Course Selection Sheet
    • Safety Quiz

If you want to know how to make study abroad happen, please make sure to attend our Study Abroad 101 Workshop.  In this workshop, you will receive the most recent news from our Study Abroad Advisor Natalja Manger and then get ready to start an application.  There's usually one workshop each month (Tuesday or Thursday on reserved period), see Calendar for the time and location. (Study Abroad 101 workshop is also available online.)

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