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All international students must visit the Office of Global Engagement prior to traveling outside of the United States. The OGE advisor will verify student's immigration documents and make sure student is "in status". All students traveling outside of the United States must fill out the Travel Authorization Form and sumbit it to the Office of Global Engagement prior to leaving the U.S.

Please review the Reentry FAQ for F-1 students, as well as the following information to make sure you comply with federal laws and regulations pertaining to F-1 students leaving the U.S.

Travel Documents

To re-enter the U.S. you will need:

  1. Valid passport (valid for more than 6 months from the intended date of return to the U.S.)
  2. Valid Visa
  3. Valid Form I-20 endorsed for travel by the Office of Global Engagement
  4. Proof of Financial Support
  5. Acceptance letter to the Stockton University
  6. Proof of payment of the SEVIS fee
  7. Designated School Official's contact emergency contact information:
    • India Karavackas, Diretor, Office of Global Engagement
    • Evangelos Vasilakis, Professional Services Specialist, Student Records and Registration

Students on OPT must bring with them:

  1. EAD card (if you did not yet receive your EAD card you must bring an official USCIS receipt confirming your requst for OPT)
  2. Letter from your employer confirming your employment or an official offer of such employment

Remember: If you have been approved for OPT but do not yet have an official job offer you  cannot travel outside of the U.S. If you levae the U.S. ithout an official job offer your OPT will automatically expire and you WILL NOT be able to reenter the U.S.

Travel Warnings:

DO NOT travel outside of the U.S. if:

  • Your passport has expired or will expire less than 6 months before the intended date of return)
  • Your I-20 has terminated
  • Your visa has expired
  • You do not have a visa for the country you intend to visit
  • You are in the process of changing status
  • you are in the process of reinstatement
  • Your OPT has been approved but you do not yet have an official written job offer
  • You are near the end of your program of study or OPT

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