Globalizing the Curriculum Summer Institute (in process)

Office of Global Engagement


In this two-day institute, we will work together to explore knowledge and strategies to enhance students’ global awareness in our individual courses. 

We aim to:

  1. Developing the “Academic Self” of globalizing the curriculum 
    • Identify our current teaching assumptions about global learning
    • Explore new perspectives of thinking about how we teach a globalized course 
  2. Identifying five dynamic elements of globalizing the curriculum
    • Identify and integrate Purposes, Programs, Outcomes, Approaches, and Projects in globalizing the curriculum
    • Share and expand teaching strategies of global learning 
  3. Developing shared resources of globalizing the curriculum 
    • Create materials for individual courses in various disciplines, including topics, activities, and assessment
    • Collect useful resources of globalizing the curriculum, including websites and tools 

Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of Global Learning

Course: HTMS 3129 Destination Management
Faculty: Christina Cavaliere (collapse/expand link for each faculty?)
Global Learning Outcomes for this Course:
Discuss the environmental, socio-cultural and political development, trends and contradictions in international destination management
Use knowledge, diverse cultural frames of reference and the quadruple bottom line (environmental, socio-cultural, economic and climate change) to think critically about and analyze different approaches to sustainable destination management
Articulate the value that environmental and cultural uniqueness plays in sustainable destination management  

2015 Summer Institute Presentation