Procedure to Invite Foreign faculties

Office of Global Engagement

Steps to take before inviting the J-1 Visiting Scholar

  1. Identify the duration of the visiting scholar’s stay/visit, as well as his/her tasks and job duties;
  2. Identify the location of visiting scholar’s main activity: on campus office/lab/rented space;
  3. Identify sources of funding for the Visiting Scholar and their dependent(s) for the entire program duration. Funding sources may be any combination of the following: internal (such as Stockton grants, non-salary funds, etc.), external (such as government, NGO, etc.) and visiting scholar’s own resources. J-1 visitors must be sponsored by their own institution, government, or the receiving institution, or any combination thereof. Use of personal funds is permitted but should not be the main source of funding;
  4. Consult with Stockton Human Resources department to seek guidance for hiring visiting, non-tenure track faculty;
  5. Identify visiting scholar’s housing, which can accommodate them and their dependent(s);
  6. Assist Visiting Scholars in meeting the needs of their dependent(s), such as locating and placing minor children in daycare, school, ESL courses, etc.;
  7. Notify the Visiting Scholar of the health insurance requirement and assist in selecting a health insurance provider;
  8. Identify cultural immersion activities for the Visiting Scholar and their dependent(s);
  9. Consult with the Dean/Director of the inviting faculty’s unit, discuss the above mentioned procedure and plans, and seek written permission for inviting a J-1 Visiting Scholar;
  10. Complete the Application for Form DS-2019. Forward completed form to with subject field titled “Request for Form DS-2019”.

* The Office of Global Engagement requires 14 business days to process the DS-2019 requests. *

Instructions for Filing Form DS 2019

Application for DS 2019 (Visiting Scholars)
This application needs to be completed by the Stockton University department sponsor.