Facilities and Construction

Mission: Support and Service, Built on Innovation


The Office of Facilities and Construction at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey is responsible for more than 75 buildings on a 1,600 acre academic campus.   In 2011, the mission of Facilities and Plant Operations was further strenthened when the Office of Facilities Planning, Plant Management and the Office of Purchasing came together in one facility.  The combined efforts and ingenuity of approximately 181 full-time personnel and an additional 30+ seasonal employees consistently work together in a team effort to help keep the College's facilities in top condition.

As a service organization we provide relatively simple repairs, such as that of a leaking faucet to the complex mechanical structures within our buildings.  Our staff strives to provide a clean, safe and sanitary environmental for the College community and general public.

Plant Operations also is responsible for the following:

  • Coordinating the update of the College’s Facilities Master Plan and managing and coordinating the implementation of the College’s Physical and Land-use Master Plan in order to provide facilities and campus grounds which promotes a physical environment supportive of the College’s mission. 
  • Renewing, replacing and adapting the existing facilities and infrastructure in an environmentally-sound and energy-efficient manner to meet advancing technology, institutional needs and public requirements in the areas of health, safety, energy and the environment. 
  • Developing and implementing energy conservation measures to constrain reoccurring costs to the College and to reduce environmental pollution. 
  • Exercising prudent management of Capital Budgets to protect the College’s financial resources.