Welcome to Stockton Student Television (SSTV) where students produce content such as news programs, athletic competitions, public affairs and original entertainment. Student managers run SSTV in cooperation with a faculty advisor from Communication Studies. The station broadcasts on closed-circuit Channel 14 throughout the campus.

SSTV is a dynamic campus presence that promotes the activites of Stockton College. The station follows the television industry model in the creativity and breadth of its programming as it serves the specific needs of the college community. SSTV produces original content that informs, entertains and enriches viewers. Students learn television production, engage in media management activites and gain experience as on-air talent. Sustainability is built into the structure of SSTV with knowledge passed along through training, collaboration and mentoring.

Experiential Learning Opportunities:

Written and verbal communication skills
Media literacy
Creative expression
Group leadership skills
Peer learning and teaching
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